Rob McConnell


The X Zone – Sunday 10pm

Rob McConnell was raised in the multicultural area of Montreal, Canada, known as Park Extension and has accomplished all his life goals, including being a musician, a police officer, artist, broadcaster and is now taking on new and exciting adventures in life and learning each and every day.

When it comes to the world of the paranormal or the science of parapsychology, Rob’s expertise is ranked in the Top 10 in his field. He has been publishing The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, North America’s only Paranormal/ Parapsychology / New Age Newspaper since 1992 and now continues to be one of the few spearheading the Canadian Media Scene.

Now, as President and CEO of one of Canada’s fastest growing multimedia companies, RAM Media Company (which encompasses Radio/TV Broadcasting, Programming and Production – Publishing, Internet and Satellite Programming Delivery), he released his first Music Album, “Music of The ‘X’ Zone” (© 2013 REL-MAR McConnell Media Company) which was inspired by just some of those who have been a major part in his life and the lives of his international ‘X’ Zone audience.