About RadioX

Radio X
Xpressing city life in the English language

You’re with Belgium’s 1st and only commercial English-speaking radio station for Brussels and beyond and are proud to be serving the Expat, European Commission, European Parliament, NATO and the International business community at the very heart of Europe – Brussels.

Thanks for making us a part of your day, today.

Our mission: If this is your first time finding us, or you just want to find out more, our mission is simple: To convey through high quality, engaging radio, the goings on of life from Brussels and beyond, helping you get the most from your city experience through a truly local radio station in the English-language.

Why we do it: We know it’s not always easy when you find yourself in a foreign country, especially when you don’t speak the language and perhaps won’t get much opportunity to other than pleasantries. The team at Radio X know what it’s like to be an Expat, we know first-hand what it can be like and have experienced the cultural nuances just like you.

We recognise therefore, that things can be different, sometimes even beyond different – reaching ‘alarmingly incomprehensible’ on occasion, yet we also realise the fantastic international environment that surrounds us and which we all have access to and opportunities galore to embrace and add things to our ‘been there – done it’ collection aside the ‘so yesterday’ getting merry on the many beers and ‘fatter’ on delicious chocolates and waffles.

So, if we don’t fully understand the local language for whatever reason in and around where we live and work – we’re not sending you on a guilt trip here either – then simply, we’ll never make that place feel like home and nor will we get all that it truly has to offer from our time spent there.

Radio X is then all about helping you integrate and stay connected with your surroundings. We express local, regional and international news, goings on, local events, things of interest, traffic and travel mixed in with some intelligent presenters and great music, with our first broadcast in 2012. Welcome along!

With your help: If you value a radio station that ‘speaks your language’ in a country that officially doesn’t, spare us a minute or two of your time to tell us. Your comments are really important; tell us what you enjoy and what you love about Radio X, and equally, tell us if there’s something not quite right or something missing from our schedule and service. We hope that you’ll grow with us, making us a part of your daily routine and a part of your family.

Make us a favourite on your web browser, check out our special podcasts, read the Radio X blog, share your news, views and events and get involved with us, spread the word and tell others… and most importantly, enjoy the programming we make every day, just for you.