Xtra Fresh – New Nobility – Asian Girl

Every weekend on Radio X we give you your chance to shape the music that we play with our Xtra Fresh Track.

Brand new music where you play judge and jury as to whether we play it or not.

This weeks song comes from New Nobility – Asian Girl

“New Nobility” has taken the indie charts by storm across the globe with Galactic from their newest album BLUE BUTTERFLY (REVOLUTION).

Following on with their second track from their EP, the title track “Blue Butterfly (Australia)” pays homage to their Wide Brown Land. “Let’s Make A Better World” leans more towards an ‘every man’s pop rock sensibility.

New Nobility is an apt name for a band who delivers a ‘breath of fresh air’ rock sound. Melodious rock like this doesn’t often come from Australian shores – and how the US and UK are taking a shine to these fine musical craftsmen on a clear mission. They have won numerous awards including the Music Aid Award for “Best Band 2007” in the U.K, World Peace and Music Award in India and Song of the Year 2011.

But what do YOU think

Listen to the song by clicking here >>>> NEW NOBILITY – ASIAN GIRL

When you have heard it place your vote on the link below. Is this a great song that we should be playing? Is it ok to play occasionally? Is it absolute rubbish and you dont want to hear it again?


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