Headlines – Monday 17 June

Girl Missing From Brussels North Railway Station
Federal Police are appealing for information on the whereabout of 13 year old Sonia Kriegels. She was last seen at Brussels North Railway Station and is believed to be in danger. She has not been seen since 3.30pm on Friday.

Sonia Kriegels is about 1.63 m tall and of normal build. She has long black hair, brown eyes and wears glasses. When she disappeared she was wearing bright blue stretch trousers and a marine blue hooded sweater. She was also wearing black All Star basketball shoes.

Anyone with information about Sonia Kegels whereabouts is ask to call the police on the Freephone number 0800/30300. You can also email the investigation team at the following address: opsporingen@politie.be.


Palace of Justice to Allocate Public Space

The government has allocated 45,000 square metres inside the Palace of Justice in Brussels, to develop shops, catering and tourist attractions for the public in Brussels. Its proximity to Avenue Louise makes it an ideal competitor for other shopping centres around the city.

Brussels Designer to work with Antwerp

Brussels-born designer and fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg is collaborating with Flemish tourism officials to launch an American campaign called “Via Antwerp.” This is to promote the opening of the Red Star Line Museum, on the site which was involved in the emigration of more than 2 million immigrants a century ago.


Brussels Loses Out to Bristol as Green Capital

The European Environment Commissioner has announced Bristol in the UK as green capital for 2015, with Brussels finishing as a close second in the running. Evelyne Huyterbroeck went on to explain that we missed out on a second victory in a row due to traffic congestion.


Woman Raped in Elsene

It was reported on Friday that a woman was repeatedly raped in a shop in Elsene. A 28 year old man is being held in connection with the attack.


Does Chocolate Breed Prize Winners?

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found a strong connection between chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel Prize winners in 23 countries. This could be explained by a substance contained in chocolate called flavanols, antioxidants that affect cognitive ability. The press coverage has been huge due to the popularity of the Journal, however experts maintain that it is an absurd principle.

Plans for Rail Service Continue
German transport company Arriva is considered the main candidate to develop a rail service between the Dutch capital The Hague and Brussels. Since the demise of Fyra, eight services a day between the two cities are to be increased to 16 in the medium-term.
Belgium Gets Judo Gold
At a recent Judo tournament in Miami, Belgian man Dirk Van Tichelt won a gold medal in the under 73 kilo class, accompanied by Ilse Heylen, also from Belgium who won Bronze. The Miami Grand Prix is just one step lower than the Grand Slam, making this a major tounrament.

 Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas is to resign after his chief of staff was charged with corruption and abuse of power. Raids on government premises took place last Wednesday, during which 150m Koruna (almost 6 million Euros) was siezed.

Unions in Turkey have callled a one-day strike across the country in protest against the police crackdown on anti-government demonstrations. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed tens of thousands of supporters yesterday that “it had been his duty to order the eviction of the protesters in the city’s Gezi Park the previous night.”

Nelson Mandela continues to show signs of improving in Pretoria hospital. He is still officially in a serious condition, however continues to engage with his family.

There continues to be a rift over the Greek government’s sudden desisting to close state broadcaster, ERT. Coalition leaders are meeting for crisis talks today to address their differences.

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