Headlines – Thursday 13 June

US Responds to Ambassador Allegations

The US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, has allegedly solicited the services of prostitutes. In response to the allegations, a White House spokesman has insisted that they are based on rumour and that it would be “preposterous” to respond with action.


Belgium Not Meeting International Development Commitment

In the annual report of the international aid organisation 11.11.11, it was reported that Belgium is behind on its commitment to international development, its output being 420 million euros less than the promised amount.


Schaarbeek Man Dies of Suffocation

A 41-year old man suffocated on a slice of fast-food pizza at around 9pm last night on a street in Schaarbeek. Passers by found that he was having difficulty breathing. Emergency services were called to the scene, but he unfortunately died en route to the hospital.


Weddings At An All-Time Low

In 2012, the number of weddings that took place in Belgium was recorded as an all-time low. There has been a 14% drop in the last five years. The number of divorces has also seen a significant decline from 52,000 to 49,000 in the last two years. However; the number of people ending their cohabitant status is rising.


EU Air Traffic Controllers Day Of Action

Trades unionists initiated a day of action at Brussels Airport yesterday, protesting the EU’s plans to liberalise European airspace. Belgian air traffic control agency Belgocontrol fear that the new plans will cause job cuts and that Belgium will struggle to compete against businesses in France and Germany.


Gamers Not Impressed With Microsoft

Following the unveiling of Microsoft and Sony’s new games consoles, Xbox One and Playstation 4 respectively at E3 in Los Angeles, gamers went away feeling let down by what Microsoft had to offer. Other than the 100 Euro difference between the Xbox and the cheaper Playstation, Microsoft’s offering requires users to authenticate each purchase and does not allow sharing between friends.


The Turkish government has stated that it is open to a referendum on plans to develop Istanbul’s Gezzi park, which sparked ongoing violent protests two weeks ago.

Trade unions and the Greek media are taking part in a 24-hour strike over the decision to close broadcaster ERB, which brings with it the loss of nearly 2,700 jobs.

A sailor whose boat sank off the coast of Nigeria was trapped in a tiny air pocket where he survived for 60 hours before being rescued. He was stranded in total darkness with nothing to eat or drink.

After a “difficult few days,” Nelson Mandela is responding better to treatment. South African President Jacob Zuma urged South Africans and the international community to “continue to keep president Mandela and the medical team in their thoughts and prayers.”

A Man’s tongue-in-cheek description of his Mercedes on eBay has fetched £150,000 (Euros). To demonstrate the capacity of the boot, he put his wife and son in it.


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