Lena Lampert

Lena Lampert is an internationally renowned musicologist, broadcaster, educator, and specialist in performance psychology.
Using her expertise Lena established an approach that applies to virtually all areas of human performance—from artistic expression to public-speaking, from academic achievement to developing self-confidence among young adults. Drawing from her rich background in Europe and the United States, Lena’s programs project ideas that are universal to listeners all over the globe.

Her work caught the attention of Jerome Shestack, former U.N. Ambassador under the Carter Administration, who endorsed Lampert’s work. This led to the formation of the Miremonde-Lampert Concert Series and radio programs. Lena’s program “From The Heart” on Radio X features prominent guests from the Arts & Sciences, as well as explorations into law, education, politics, and history. The broadcasts reflect the latest ideas and developments from the world’s cultural frontiers.