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Our finger is on the pulse of Belgian life at the heart of Europe. The 1st and only commercial radio station dedicated to the international English-speakers of Belgium, we deliver city life in English to you, 24/7. From breaking news to arts & culture – we’ve got it.

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Keep up-to-date in an instant; news, schedules, presenter info, reviews, travel, weather & more. Join in socially on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, we’ve got lots of love to FREELY give back for telling us about community / charity events – just get in touch!

Local, National and International Headlines

You get more from life when you understand what’s going on around you, near and far, and especially when French or Flemish isn’t your language. We aim to cover news, events and sports – from local to international, starting  weekdays with the breakfast show.

Radio X – Your Local Station…With Great Music

Music is as important to us as the local-focused content we discuss in between tracks. Our music policy is simple, to play the best music, from upcoming artists, to timeless legends. And when you speak, we listen which means Radio X is bound to have something for you.

Traffic and Travel in and Around Brussels

Planes, trains, trams and buses for Brussels, plus a look at the roads around greater Brussels, Leuven, Ghent, Aalst, Antwerp and Mons featured weekdays, during breakfast & home-time . Wherever you’re going, we aim to help get you there with minimal disruption.