Headlines Friday 5 December

Transport strikes are set to disrupt order yet again on Monday, affecting both the SNCB and the STIB. SNCB’s trains will not be leaving Brussels from 10pm Sunday night through to 10pm Monday night. International transport will also come to a halt, with Thalys and Eurostar deciding not to run any trains from Brussels. The STIB are expecting very strong disturbances, anticipating that their buses may not even leave the station. The company is urging its passengers to find alternative modes of transportation to ease the pressure.

Brussels prosecutors are calling for one year’s imprisonment for two dock workers who harmed police officers during the November demonstrations. Brussels police have demanded 200 euros be paid for damages incurred. The final decision is expected to be made on January 8th.

The Federal Police are testing new protocol, for patients who unknowingly escape from care homes. Every year, around 150 elderly people with senile dementia or Alzheimer’s alarmingly disappear, putting their lives in great danger. The police, in order to help recover the patients as quickly as possible, have offered an instant-call option, through which the care home workers can have the police involved as soon as a patient goes missing– something of a last resort up until now.

A subsidy of 25,000 euros has been granted to the Brussels Tourist Office for them to promote the New Year’s fireworks display at Place de Brouckere. After ending the tradition of holding the display at Mont des Arts, to the dismay of the public, the government felt it necessary to spend, in order to maximise the new event’s exposure.

A large marijuana plantation has been found by police in Molenbeek- Saint- Jean. The underground plot contained a substantial amount of professional equipment. A total of 1200 plants were seized and then destroyed, as was the technical equipment. Two people have been heard and released.