Science On Air – Episode 11

Are you ready to rumble ??!! The laboratories of the International School of Brussels have been turned in to a ring. On one corner we have one of the oldest academic disciplines -physics and on the other the very young future geniuses- the GreenLight for Girls ladies, in an ultimate “tug of war” But since the GreenLight For Girls is far than an ordinary STEM subject supporting organization , the founder Melissa Rancourt and the project leader Jelena Lucin challenge the ladies to a tug of war with a twist- this one includes phone books. After a long but successful search the mentors found (probably the last ) two phone books left in this era of smart technology and folded each page of one phone book into each page of the other one. All this in order to test if we can prove or disprove whether the GreenLight for Girls ladies are stronger than physics whose laws state that the phone books are impossible to separate due to friction. Who do you place your bets on?

Hint: the last attempt to prove this included ten very strong man and two automobiles…



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