Headlines Wednesday 12 November

A formal clash between Brussels police and the Mayor of Brussels has come in the form of an open letter. After 112 officers were injured in last Thursday’s national gathering, the police force felt as though the Mayor did very little to acknowledge what happened, or even apologise for it, and have
directly criticised the Mayor, questioning his loyalty to those who serve and protect.

On the same topic, a call for specially trained officers during national events has been made by Mayor of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. He has also asked for a democratic debate between the police force, the Mayor of Brussels, and the unions who organised the event, following the violent breakout during last Thursday’s national event, which saw over 100 police injured.

Belgians are saving less money than ever, according to the European commission. On average, only 13.4% of a household’s income is put aside. Economists have cited few new jobs as a main factor for the historically low figures.

A debate on the taxing the rich is set to take place in due time, after the Budget Minister announced that his party is open to discussion. While admitting that debating the subject does not mean anything concrete, the Minister also noted the importance in acknowledging the “rich tax” as a feasible option. It’s said that those within the government are generally against the taxation plan.

Seven out of Ten Belgians will go turn up to work while their sick, according to a recent survey. It’s noted that many Belgians simply enjoy their job enough to sideline an illness, however others put their pushing through the sickness down to fear of bosses. Workers in Wallonia and Brussels worked more efficiently with illnesses than those in Flanders, citing fairer treatment in the workplace.

International News

China and the US have revealed new targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions, during talks in Beijing. The new goal is to reduce US levels between 26%-28% by 2025. China expects emissions to peak by 2030.

A nurse in Mali has died from Ebola, the second confirmed death in the country. She was treating a man who arrived from Guinea; the clinic is now in quarantine. Nearly 5,000 have died in West Africa from the outbreak.

Russia has agreed to build up to eight nuclear reactors in Iran. This deal takes place 12 days before a deadline for Iran to curb its nuclear activity. World powers are seeking to persuade Iran to reduce its uranium enrichement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that further sanctions against Russia are not planned. At a meeting between foreign ministers she said that while the ceasefire was not being respected, the focus was on securing a real truce.