Reporter, Alison Turner, talks to cast members from the production of Antigone, coming up at the end of June in Brussels.

Antigone explores a range of themes, prompting audiences to think about tyranny, religion, leadership, freedom of thought…

There is, as always with Brussels expat theatre, an intriguing blend of talented individuals. Sophie Thompson, the director, explains her determination to bring the play to a modern audience in Brussels. Hear a snippet of the created sound as Sophie and the cast have focused on making the Chorus authentic and relevant to the production.

Actors Poppy Bullock, Jonathon Sawdon, Thomas Bouchard, Tim Meyers and Giorgos Philippakis talk about the challenges of the script – a modern, English translation from the Ancient Greek. And what can be learned through performing in a tragedy?

Antigone will be performed from June 25th-29th at Le Petit Varia, 154 rue Gray, 1050 Brussels. More information at


Listen to the Podcast HERE

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