Headlines – Monday 10 June 2013

Bogus Doctor Contacted Patients

The police are investigating a man who impersonated a doctor at a Hospital in Antwerp. He spoke with several patients, asking them questions and even having physical contact with one of them. A suspicious patient expressed concerns which scared him away.


Man Impersonates Police Officer

An Antwerp man has been detained for impersonating a police officer and harassing two girls. He claimed the girls were not allowed on the cycle path on their mopeds with L-plates attached. The girls were unconvinced of the impostor and drove on, after which a genuine police officer became involved and made the discovery.

200 Strong Crowd Gather for Action

200 Brussels residents occupied the road outside the stock exchange at the weekend, calling for more to be done to improve the quality of life in the city, following ten years of promises to improve city life for families.


Man Pays Tribute To Father at Brussels Wedding

A couple in Brussels have become the first to get married entirely in the Brussels dialect. His father, a true Brusseler, passed away recently and to honor his life, he requested that the ceremony be held entirely in the Brussels dialect. Alderman Robert Delathouwer hopes to see more of his colleagues follow suit, this proves the dialect is still alive and kicking.

Video suggests Belgian Involvement in Syria

A video posted on the internet suggests that Belgians are taking part in atrocities in Syria. The video shows the beheading of a man wile surrounding bystanders speak in French and Belgian Dutch. It is believed that the beheading took place in March of last year.


Coast-bound Traffic Congestion

At the arrival of the summertime weather, traffic built up over the weekend in the midst of the E40 Motorway resurfacing project. The resurfacing is taking place to Ostend and much of the weekend traffic was forced into one lane as a result.


Vincent Kompany’s Injury Cost For Success

During Belgium’s victorious encounter with Serbia in the World Cup qualifiers, captain Vincent Kompany sustained a broken nose, concussion and fractured eye socket. Impressively, he played until the end of the match, but was then rushed to hospital and will now need to wear a mask for six weeks.


As a dam breaks on the River Elbe in Eastern Germany, thousands were forced to leave their homes in Magdeburg. Yesterday, the river stood four times higher than normal at 7.2m.

In an attempt to recover a crashed vehicle at the Canadian Grand Prix, just a few laps before the end of the race, a marshal was tragically run over by a crane after tripping and falling out of the driver’s view. He later died in hospital from his injuries.


This is a crucial time for Hungary, as the Danube river levels are expected to reach their highest in ten years. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said: “The (floods) are approaching the heart of the country now, we can say that the next two days will be decisive.”

Internet giants Facebook, Yahoo and Google have vigorously rejected claims that they shared customer data from ISP servers in a secret US Internet surveillance program

13 dogs, five cats and three rabbits will participate in Britain’s PDSA’s Pet Fit Club. The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals holds an annual contest in which several pets undergo a slimming programme which includes a six month diet plan and exercise regime.


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