Headlines – Friday 7 June 2013

Tax On Royal Allowances Approved

The taxation on personal allowances granted to the Royal Family has been approved by the Belgian Government, after the proposal was put forward by Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo on Monday.


PM Does Not Wish To Change Kings Role

In response to proposals submitted by Flemish liberal MP Luk Van Biesen, the Prime Minister has not expressed any intention to change the role of the King during the current parliament. The proposal suggested no longer allowing the King to sign new laws and appoint ministers.


Corvia’s Love Room Needs New Premises

After learning the intentions of not-for-profit organisation Corvia’s Love Room for the homeless, the owner of the originally earmarked premises has pulled out of the project. After learning that the exact nature of the Love Room was to allow the homeless to enjoy a normal love life, he did not wish to continue taking part in the project.


InBev To Produce Emergency Water

Leuven-based brewer InBev are to launch a new product – canned water. The water is intended for emergency stricken areas, such as areas in Central Europe affected by floods.


Robbie Williams Reveals New Set For Brussels

Robbie Williams has shared images of his new stage set-up for his Take The Crown stadium tour, which is coming to Brussels on the 3rd of August. Williams will be performing in Palace 5 of the Heizel Exhibition Centre.


Electricity Bills to Rise By 40%

The BCC (Boston Consulting Group) predict that electricity bills for households in Belgium are expected to rise by 40% by 2030, adding an extra 250 Euros to the current cost. Belgian businesses are expected to pay double the current cost.


Measures To Tackle Speeding In Belgium

Several speed cameras in a row will be installed in several parts of Belgium’s motorways, to tackle drivers speeding as soon as they have passed a camera. The E411 and E40 have been highlighted by the federal traffic police as major areas.


Speaking at Istanbul on return from his tour of North Africa to a crowd of 10,000 of his supporters, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan described the protests as “bordering on illegality.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have announced that their marriage is to come to an end. Their divorce was announced on television following a ballet performance.

The EU will tighten up its ban on |”shark-finning,” eliminating the loophole that fishermen can in fact remove fins from shark carcasses. Shark finning itself has been banned since 2003.

Confectionery corporations Mars, Nestle and Hershey have been charged with price-fixing. While |Hershey are expected to receive a lighter punishment for admitting guilt and assisting with the investigation, Mars and Nestle have expressed their intention to defend themselves “vigorously.”


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