Headlines Thursday 6th June

Study Shows Belgium Is Collectively Rich

A study by the Belgian National Bank (BNB) reports that 10% of the wealthiest in Belgium hold 44% of net total wealth, and the richest 20% possess a bit more than 60% of net wealth. The poorest 20%, on the other hand, hold less than one percent of net wealth. In a study of income, the wealthiest 10% of households received 36% of total income, while the poorest 20% received less than four percent.


Deal Struck On Education Reform

After long negotiations, the FLemish Government came to a decision regarding the direction of the reform to secondary education. The decision is unlikely to be implemented until 2016 or later, but will ensure students get more time to decide which courses they wish to undertake.


Boonen Tax Investigation Result

Following an investigation by Kotrijik prosecutors, Belgian cycling champion Tom Boonen has been made to pay 2 million Euros to the state. Boonen lived in Monaco for a number of years where residents do not pay tax on their income, but moved back to Belgium, removing his status as a permanent resident.
New Jobs Coming To Mechelen

Crisp company Pringles will be creating 180 new jobs in Mechelen, when Kellogg Co.’s new production line will take up residence there. Mechelen was in competition with Manchester, it’s productive potential eventually won Belgium the deal.
Belgian Sailor Rescued

A Belgian man was saved from sinking into the mid-Atlantic almost 500km away from land, after sending an SOS message back to his girlfriend in Belgium. Sailor Guy Meuser sprung a leak in his boat and made the call to his girlfriend, who contacted a maritime rescue service.
Disagreement Over Fyra Continues

Manufacturers of the recently discontinued Fyra high-speed train AnsaldoBreda have rejected the charges that led to Fyra’s demise. A statement issued by the manufacturers reads: “The public should be made aware that the Fyra is safe and has been certified and verified by the competent international authorities.”


Belgian Author Makes Impact in USA

18 years after its original release here in Belgium, Belgian writer Pieter Aspe is celebrating the publication of his book “The Square of Revenge” in the USA. Less than 3% of all books in the US are translations of foreign authors’ books, making this a remarkable achievement.


Helicopters have been deployed to the German town of Deggendorf to rescue families from their rooftops, while 30,000 people in Halle have been evacuated as flood waters rise to their highest levels in 400 years.


Paris Jackson, daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson has attempted to take her own life and is now in hospital. Michael Jackson’s children were raised away from public view during his life, but since his death they have been in the public eye frequently.

The Brazilian Health Ministry has decided to drop its “happy prostitute” campaign. The online campaign was part of an education programme aimed at reducing prejudice against sex workers.

Syrians fleeing the conflict and attempting claim asylum in the EU via Greece have reportedly been pushed back into Turkish waters numerous times, some losing their lives in the process.

Daredevil James Kingston from Southampton UK has posted a video which has gone viral, of his death-defying acscent to the top of a crane at Southampton docks, after which he hangs from the top of the crane using just one hand.

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