Headlines – Tuesday 4th June 2013

Taxi Strike In Brussels Imminent

As a result of the governments “failure” to implement measures promised in January by the Brussels Regional Transport Minister, two taxi organisations representing taxi drivers in Brussels plan to take strike action on June 19.


Football Team’s Debut Match Turns Violent

Belgian AMP Football team, the first ever Belgian team consisting of players who have lost all or part of one of their legs ended their debut match against a Dutch team in a full on fight. After a 3-3 draw, shortly before the end of the match, a foul was declared which escalated into violence involving both players and supporters.


66% Of Teenagers Have Friends They Don’t Know

In a study carried out by Antwerp University, it has been revealed that 90% of youngsters have a Facebook profile, and only a third of all teenagers studied confirmed that they had actually met all of their social media friends. It was also revealed that girls update their status more than boys do. 95% said that they gave their true identity in their social media accounts.


Blood Tests Required For Wetteren Residents

As a result of the recent rail disaster at Wetteren, between 1200 and 1500 locals from 900 families will require new blood and urine tests. This is a necessity so that damage claims can be made. Unlike the previous samples taken, these will be treated to last longer. The results will not be revealed until October.


Mandate For Educational Reform Granted

The Flemish Prime Minister has granted a mandate for the three government parties to continue negotiations on secondary education reform, following extended talks yesterday, after which no agreement was reached. There is still currently “no light at the end of the tunnel” and the Prime Minister will not draw an end to negotiations until all three parties agree on a master plan.


Flemish Rent Prices “Unnafordable”

Rent prices in the Flemish region are becoming unaffordable, according to the Flemish Tenants Association’s Annual Report. The Association calls on politicians to take action. A growing number of people cannot find a flat of house less than 400 Euro/month, while some areas are considerably worse.


Protesters to Turkish PM Gather In Brussels

Several hundred protesters calling for the resignation of Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan gathered outside the European Parliament in Brussels on Saturday. Erdogan called for an end to “the friercest anti-government demonstrations in years,” referencing the recent violent clashes with police in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey.


Man Charged Over Poisoned Letters

James Everett Dutschke, 41, has been charged under suspicion of sending poison-laced letters to President Barack Obama and two other officials. He is charged with developing, producing and stockpiling the poison ricin, threatening the president and others and attempting to impede the investigation.

Another Casualty Claimed In Turkey

Opposition leaders have claimed that a member of a political youth party has been shot dead during the anti-government protests. The man was named as Abdullah Comert by Turkish television. He was allegedly “seriously injured after gunfire from an unidentified person.” This death is yet to be confirmed by the Turkish Government.

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