Headlines – Monday 3rd June 2013

Coalition Disagrees Over Education Reform

The Government’s two coalition partners share different opinions as to how secondary education in Flanders should be organised. Last night, Flemish PM Kris Peeters cancelled his trade mission to the US with Prince Filip to resume talks on the issue.


River Scheldt Artwork Draws Large Crowds

Large crowds gathered along Antwerp’s River Scheldt at the weekend to watch the passing of Wim Tellier’s latest work, known as “We Drift.” The floating installation includes hundreds of boards joined together, each depicting a different person.


Teacher’s Caricature Sparks Outrage

A Geography teacher at the Royal Atheneum in Etterbeek has caused outrage amongst parents with a caricature of Wallonia, dividing it into three parts based on their characteristics, named “Wallifornia,” representing the prosperous side, “Wallabama” representing the Ardenne and “Wallbania,” representing the areas of high unemployment and redundancies.


Electricity Prices Up

Managers of Belgium’s national grid, Elia, have announced its intention to charge more to provide homes with electricity. The average home will now pay 35 Euros instead of 32, with larger companies also seeing a rise in bills by 1 or 2 percent.


Belgium Has 12th Most Millionaires

There are approximately 147,5000 millionaire families here in Belgium, representing 3.2% of all households. This ranks Belgium highest in the entire EU, and 12th up against the rest of the world. Four in 100,000 Belgian families are regarded as “super rich,” with a private wealth of over $100m US dollars.


Prime Minister Hacked

Numerous emails of a private nature belonging to Prime Minister Elio De Rupo during his tenure from 2004-2008 were accessed by hackers and sent anonymously via CD-ROM. “This constitutes theft of private data” said the Prime Minister, who currently has “no idea who is responsible.”


State Of Emergency Declared Following Flooding

After severe flooding in the Czech Republic causes widespread dangers and has claimed two lives, the government has declared a state of emergency. Low lying areas have been evacuated including a hospital and a zoo; the state of emergency is expected to enable a more effective rescue effort.

Turkey Experiences Nationwide Unrest

Violence in several towns and cities has escalated overnight as a result of the protests over the building on the city park, which began on the 28th May and is still intended to take place. More than 1,700 arrests have been made in 67 towns and cities.

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