Headlines – Thursday 30th May

EU Data Roaming Cheaper

As of the 1st July, using your phone anywhere in the EU will be cheaper. Mobile operators will be reducing their rates in accordance with EU legislation. The reduced rates will apply to calls, texts and mobile internet.


Belgian Firefighters to US For Training

Over the past week, Belgian firefighters have been in Nashville to train with fire crews, learning the different types of fire and equipment variations. They even received hands-on experience working at an apartment fire in Antioch on Sunday.
American Chamber Of Commerce Priorities for 2013

AmCham Belgium have published their “2013 Priorities for a Prosperous Belgium.” The plan lays out policy recommendations and a need for urgency, in anticipation of the elections in May 2014.
Opium Found On Railway

Railway Police in Brussels have found 4 kilos of pure opium on the line in their search for evidence of copper wiring theft. The package was found in the borough of Schaarbeek and was to the value of 30,000 to 40,000 Euros.


A Room For Love?Belgian non-profit organisation Corvia have set up a “Love Room” for the many homeless people living in Brussels. It will accommodate homeless people who wish to experience sexual relations in a private setting and promotes homeless’ peoples right to a “normal” love life. Plans are in place to locate the Love Room near the Albert Park in Schaarbeek.


Montgomery Tunnel Closes After Accident

The Brussels Montgomery Tunnel is closed off to traffic in both directions as a result of a accident between two trucks carrying a load which was too high for the tunnel to accommodate. Damage has been done to the fire detection equipment and authorities hope to reopen as soon as possible. Until then, the area is best avoided, particularly during rush hour.


New York Mayor Sent Poisoned Letters

The Mayor’s office received last week two letters laced with a deadly poison, ricin. This follows the discovery of another poison laced letter to US President Barack Obama back in April.

First Gay Wedding In France

France’s first gay marriage took place live in television between Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau, following the president’s decision to sign the same-sex marriage bill into law, just days earlier.

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