Headlines – Wednesday 29th May

Genocide Suspect Used Fake Passport

Genocide suspect Charles Bandora, who was extradited from Norway to Rwanda in March, has admitted to using a fake passport to gain entry to Belgium, leading to his arrest.

Ghent Headscarf Ban Overturned
The ban on civil servants wearing headscarves in Ghent has been lifted. Over 10,000 adult citizens, five times the number required to call the vote, signed a petition for the ban to be overturned by the city of Ghent.

Emergency Services On Dedicated 3G Network

Belgium’s police force, fire brigade, civil defense and customs will have their own dedicated and secure 3G mobile network, initially on a five-year contract provided by Astrium, an EADS company. The system is expected to be implemented in 2014.


Thatcher Slogan Used In Campaign

Belgium’s far-right political party Vlaams Belang have included in their 2014 election campaign a slogan originally made famous by the Thatcher-era. “Give us our money back” is directed at Belgium’s immigration policy, the Eurozone crisis and money going towards Wallonia. The Vlaams Belang party wishes to dismantle the EU and the EU, and reinstate border controls.

Perinatal Mortality Higher In BrusselsThe number of cases of perinatal mortality in Brussels has shot up to 36.5%. This research shows that newborns in Brussels have a greater chance of dying than those born in Romania, Latvia and Slovenia. These figures include deaths of fetuses in the womb aged over 22 weeks, babies dying during childbirth and newborns up to 4 weeks.


Blood, Soil, Honour & Loyalty Members RetrialSeventeen members of far-right organisation Blood, Soil, Honour and Loyalty are facing retrial. The organisation was closed down in 2006 and hundreds of arms seized. The charges are connected to terrorism, forming a criminal gang and arms possession.


Hondura Gangs Agree To Truce

Latin American gangs in Honduras, Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18 Street have agreed to a truce and have promised a ceasefire in the hope to promote a longer lasting agreement. The Honduran President has voiced his support and is “open to any process that can lower violence.”


EU Synthetic Drugs On The Rise

Synthetic drugs in the EU are on the rise, as it has been reported that 73 new types of drugs emerged  in Europe in 2012, compared to 49 in 2011. Some 85 million adults in Eurpoe have consumed synthetic drugs, one quarter of the EU population.


Weekend Surgeries Statistically More Risky

A study in the UK finds that patients are 44% more likely to die as a result of weekend surgery than on weekdays. According to health analyst group Dr Foster, this is due to the falling standard of care at weekends in comparison to weekdays.

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