Headlines – Tuesday 28th May

Harbour Porpoises Spotted In Dangerous Rivers

Flemish environmental organisation Natuurpunt are concerned over the increasing number of harbour porpoises that are appearing in the river Sheldt and also smaller rivers such as the Rupel. Such small rivers pose alot of dangers for this protected whale species.


Taser Attack In Merchtem Chip Shop

A masked assailant wielding a taser attacked a chip shop owner in Merctem last night, stealing 150 Euros. As of yet, there are no leads to the identity of the assailant.


Reactors To Go Back Online

Nuclear reactors Doel 3 and Tihange 2 will go back online on Sunday. The reactors were originally closed back in the summer of 2012 when minute cracks were discovered in the nuclear vessels.

Resurfacing Expected To Cause Disruption

As the entire E40 motorway is being resurfaced, congestion will be expected for the next month between Aalter and Ghent, as only two lanes will be available.


Spring 2013 – Cold And Costly

Energy suppliers Lampris have published figures that indicate that this Spring could cost each household an extra 146 Euros in gas bills. During this year from January to May, the average customer has paid 655 Euros for gas, a significant increase on last year’s 509 Euros.


Runner Suffers Heart Attack During Brussels 20km

A 53 year old man had died of a heart attack after running the 34th edition of the Brussels 20km yesterday. He was removed from the race along with five others, and was pronounced dead on arrival at Saint-Luc Hospital.


European Commission Fine “Unlikely”

It is believed to be unlikely that Belgium will be receiving a fine from the European Commission for failing to do enough to cut its budget deficit, especially after last week when it granted France an additional two years to bring its deficit below 3% GDP.


Soldier On Patrol Stabbed in Paris

A French soldier who was stabbed while on patrol on the Western Outskirts of Paris is believed to have been the victim of the attack due to the fact that he was in the military.


Syria Arms Embargo Not To Be Renewed

After a lengthy discussion in Brussels amongst divided ministers, the decision has been made not to renew the Union’s arms embargo onĀ  the Syrian opposition. The embargo expires on Saturday.


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