Headlines – Monday 27th May

Majority of Belgians Want King On The Throne

A series of surveys to commemorate King Albert II’s reign indicate that the majority of Belgians want his reign to continue. Amongst the recent rumours of his abdication, more than half of the survey’s respondents want Albert to remain King.

Coldest Ever 24 May

Friday’s maximum temperature of 8.7C was only 0.7C lower than the lowest on record, set back in 1839. The Spring of 2013 has been the coldest for 30 years, however it is expected that the temperature should rise a little over the coming days, making the record unlikely to be broken again soon.

Devastating Fire in Vorst

A fire at an industrial bakery in Vorst has caused irreparable damage, and took around an hour and a half for forty fire fighters to stop the blaze. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown and is being investigated.

AA Gent Suffer 7-0 Loss

After a staggering 7-0 defeat in the final match of the season, Standard de Liege are through to the preliminary stage of next seasons Europa League. This humiliating defeat of AA Gent was the final First Division match of the season.

Want To Be A Qualified Rocker?

The Limburg College of Higher Education offers an undergraduate degree in rock music. This course includes less theses and more exams on stage under the lights, performing to a live audience. The course has been running for six years and many students have gone on to a career in the music industry.

Energy Islands Coming To Flemish Coast

A plan devised by the Minister for the North Sea to construct two energy islands off the West Flanders coast has been approved. They will be used to get rid of excess energy by nearby wind farms and generate electricity.

Three London Murder Suspects Released, Several Still Held

Three men suspected of having a connection to the murder of Dummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London last week have been released. One man arrested on Sunday is still being held, along with the murder suspects who are still being held in stable condition in hospital.


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