X Poll Monday 20th May

This week’s question and topic of debate…

Olive oil dipping bowls and pouring jugs…

The European Union has been openly mocked. Why? For new rules which dictate how restaurants provide olive oil to customers.

The new law will ban non-labelled glass jugs and ‘open’ communal style dipping pots of oil from being able to sit on restaurant tables.
Instead, businesses will be ordered to serve sealed containers to prove they are not being topped up with cheap alternatives.

The new rules are due to come into force at the start of next year. European Commission spokesman, Olivier Bailly, said: “We are just making clear when you want olive oil of a certain quality you get exactly what you’re paying for.”

What do you think?

Are they looking out for our health and wellbeing? Or are there far more important problems that they should be dealing with

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