Wednesday 15th May 2013

Baggage still an issue at Brussels National Airport…

Radio X speaking to Cecilia, Cabin Manager on one of today’s departing flights said “it’s still rather a mess”. Tens thousands of luggage items are still seemingly problem three days on.


Beyonce now not to perform in Belgium later tonight?

According to NME – New Mmusical Express, Beyonce will perform for her fans in Belgium. With rumours of exhaustion being sited, others suspect it could be pregnancy that is the route cause as to why Tuesday’s show was cancelled.


Eurovision fever coming… Are you set for this weekend?

With our resident officianado on all things Eurovision song contest, make sure you take a look at this week’s RadioX blog by Ali Bushnell… Will Belgium surprise? Who knows…


Need work done at your place?

According to a website you can now hire Slovakian labourers and tradespeople at around half the price of a Belgian equivalent. The Belgian social security ministry are looking into it… However, should we be able to choose who we use – so long as they are legally operating? Your thoughts welcomed…


Mobistar to drop all but mobile services.

Phone operator will stick to what it knows best… Mobile phones. Be warned if you use them for tv and internetn and landline phone service!

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