Belgians consuming less meat each year

New figures from the ministry for the economy have shown that the average Belgian citizen is eating less meat each year.

Last year the average Belgian ate 51kg of meat compared to over 52kg in the previous year, with a recorded drop in consumption of around 1.3kg. The figures become more start when compared to 2005 when the annual consumption was aroun 66kg of meat per person. The new figures who a drop of around 23% over the period.

Patrick Mullie, a food and drink expert from the Free University of Brussels (VUB) thinks that the drop amy be due to the number of scandals involving Belgian abb#attoirs over recent years. There is however very little distinction between the types of meat that are being dropped from our diets with consumption of rabbit and game being the only 2 meat products to have shown an increase in popularity.

Pork remains Belgium’s favourite meat, accounting for almost half of the overal average consumption with poultry also counting towards a large proportion of the meat eaten annually.

Picture: Flickr