Prince Laurent sparks controversy at anniversary event

Prince Laurent has sparked critisism after attending an event at the Chinese Embassy to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of China’s People’s Liberation Army.
The Prince, brother of King Philippe, had previously been banned from attending any meetings with senior foreign officials by the Belgain Prime Minister Charles Michel and has been warned on several occasions that his annual dotation from the Belgian state would be at risk if he failed to ask permission to attend such meetings.
Laurent, who posted a picture of himself at the event in full military uniform (Photo), says that he attended the event after he was given a “personal invitation”, however Belgian officials had not been informed of his plans. Mr Michel has since suggested the the Prince should receive a suitable sanction as a consequence, a view upheld by the N-VA party who are hoping that measures will be taken after several warnings have gone unheeded.
Prince Laurent is given €308,000 of public money each year, a figure that could now be cut according to a spokesman for the office of the Prime Minister.