Another record broken as passenger growth surges at Brussels Airport

Brussels airport has recorded record passenger numbers for the month of June , beating the previous record breaking figures from 2015 by more than 1%.
The airport in Zaventum played host to 2.2 million travellers through arrivals and departures during the period with a small decline in local passengers during the same period. However full cargo transport through the airport for the same month dropped by 16% when compared to 2015, mainly due to stricter noise standards having been imposed across the region which has led to the departure of several full cargo firms from the airport. The number of flight movements through June has also fallen by 3.7%, leading to an increase in occupancy rates on flights leaving the runway.
The increase in passenger numbers comes predominantly from Brussels Airlines increased offerings of short haul flights with a similar increase in long haul flights by Ryanair also contributing towards the figures. Brussels airport has also reported a record number of passengers for the first half of 2017 with more than 11.5 million passengers travelling via Brussels Airport in total, an increase of 6.3% when compared to 2015.