650 drivers a year fined for driving too slowly

New figures have revealed that around 650 drivers are fined each year for driving too slowly on Belgian roads. Sabien Lahaye-Battheu, who has been a member of the federal justice commitee since 2003, requested the figures from the home ministry.

She said that she was pleased to see that it was not just speeding drivers who are being fined as driving slowly is “extremely dangerous”. On belgian motorways alone, 150 drivers were fined in 2013 for not driving at 70kmph, the speed which is expected on free flowing major routes. Motorists were also fined for braking sharply without reason.

Under Belgium traffic laws, it is illegal to obstruct the normal flow of traffic by driving unusually slowly if there is no safe reason for doing so. However monitoring slow drivers is also tricky, Mrs Lahaye-Battheu added that cameras were not the answer otherwise everybody in a traffic jam would be fined.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons