Search for suspects as police uniforms found in anti-terror raid

Belgian police are continuing their hunt for potential terror suspects following raids earlier this week in Anderlecht and northern France. The raids uncovered a large weapons haul including several Kalashnikov rifles, hand guns and ammunition.
Also discovered were a number of official uniforms including those of a security agency, the civil protection service and also 2 Belgian police uniforms. Vincent Gilles, the president of the SLFP police, has said that the discovery of the uniforms is “undeniably worrying” and that it could point towards an impending attack, possibly on a police station.
A spokerperson for the Federal Prosecutors office confirmed that police continued to hunt for “several terrorism suspects”. Eric Van Der Sypt added that authorities were worried about how those being searched for would react but played down fears that an attack similar to those on Brussels Airport and Malbeek Metro station was likely.
The alert level across Belgium remains at level 3, meaning that the threat of attack is serious, possible and plausible.