Plan to reduce unattended luggage to be introduced

Leaving your luggage unattended could soon incur a fine in an attempt to reduce the number of reports of suspicious packages at Belgian railway stations.

According to a report but La Libre Belgique, The mobility minister François Bellot is working closeley with Belgian Rail to ratify a new plan, which should it be implemented, would see passengers fined up to €100 for leaving their bags. Reports of unattended bags have increased by over 400% in recent years due to the increased security and awareness of those who use the rail network in the aftermath of several high profile terrorist bombings across Europe.

Increased punishment has been introduced to those found guilty of hoax attacks in Belgium however there is no additional deterrent for people leaving bags intentionally on platforms, in station buildings or on trains themselves. Should such a fine come into law then various awareness campaigns have been promised to highlight the issue. The matter is currently being discussed amongst the Belgian Federal Government.

Picture: Pixabay