One man arrested after suspicious car intercepted in Brussels

A man has been arrested by Brussels police following an incident in the Molenbeek-Saint-John area of Brussels. The incident, which happened at around 4pm on Wednesday afternoon, took place in front of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation buildings on Boulevard Léopold II.

According to witnesses, a blue Peugeot was intercepted by police from Brussels-West with assistance from the federal police helicopter. After being brought to a halt, the driver jumped out of the car and allegedly shouted “Allah Akhbar”, although this is as of yet unconfirmed by official sources. Police conducted a search of the vehicle and no suspicious items were found.

During the operation, traffic was stopped in both directions and a safety perimeter was put in place around the scene. This in turn led to a great deal of traffic congestion through the area. Further details of the incident are expected to be released later today by the judicial authorities.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons