Terror attack averted as bomb suspect shot dead

A man suspected of setting off a bomb at Brussels central station was shot dead by Belgian armed forces just minutes after the device he was carrying failed to properly explode.

The man, identified by prosecutors only by the initials O.Z, has been confirmed as a 36 year old of Moroccan origin, living in the Molenbeek area of the city. According to officials, the man attempted to detonate the device, which contained nails and gas canisters, as he approached a group of passengers underneath the main concourse of the station. After the device only partially exploded, the man was seen running towards staff and soldiers at the station shouting “Allahu Akbar” before being shot. He later died of his injuries.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, convened a meeting of the security cabinet on Wednesday morning and confirmed that extra security measures would be taken at several major events planned in Brussels over the next few days as well as at stations and other public places throughout the city. He told reporters that a “terrorist attack had been averted”.

Photo: Flickr – Wikimedia Commons