UNICEF warning over Brussels child poverty

A new report has shown that 1 in 3 children in Brussels live in a relative income poverty househould. The report, published by UN agency for children, is based on the most recent screening by humanitarian organisation UNICEF which assesses the situation of children in around the world in relation to the Sustainable Development Objectives identified as most important for their well-being.

The 41 richest countries in the world showed a figure of 1 in every 5 children, with the national picture in Belgium showing an average of 18.8% of young people that live in relative income poverty. Belgium is currently ranked 4th in the Sustainable Development Objective rankings, a list drawn up to help identify and eradicate areas worst affected.
Olivier Marquet, the director general of the Belgian section of the UN agency, has described the findings of the report as “particularly worrying” and added for a city with the relative riches of Brussels, the situation was “not acceptable”.
The 14th edition of the UNICEF report card (Bilan Innocenti 14) is the first report of its kind.