A Belgian Eye – Episode 128

Our resident Belgian, Philippe Persoons, takes a look at life through a Belgian Eye.

This week a former Miss Belgium turned psychologist and sexologist leads us to discover that if you simply tell it way it is, then it’s all quite normal

Let me tell you today, something about, … sex
Ok, now you’re wondering, why is he going to talk about sex? What has that to do with Belgians.

Well, first of all, we Belgians we still have sex. The number of births remained quite stable the last decades and of course, sex is more than making babies and also on that point we are an evolved species. We know the gay marriage since 2003. We have sex shops, prostitution, LAT relationships, civil partnerships and more.

And what’s more, we know how to educate our children on the ‘sex’ matter, for we have: Goedele Liekens.
Goedele Liekens is a Flemish psychologist and sexologist. She was also a former Miss Belgium, just to say that she’s also nice looking. Our Goedele is big in Belgium, in the Netherlands and now also in Great-Brittan. On what? Well, simply on explaining sex.
Liekens appeared as a sexology expert in several programs of Flemish and Dutch television in the late eighties and nineties and she also did some radio shows. She became popular with her programs on sex and sex education. She also published several books on sex-related matters. She wrote for Playboy and has had two magazines of her own.
Since 1999 Liekens is a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador in the area of reproductive health. In this work she has advocated women’s rights and argued for a broader sexual education mainly in developing countries.

About a year ago she also started in Brittain. I don’t mean to say that Brittain is a developing country, but anyway. It’s important! On BBC’s Channel 4 she did ‘Sex in Class’, a show in which she talked to thirteen British teenagers about sex and pornography. It hit the news for the open attitude towards “sensitive subjects”. Some argue that British teenagers apparently have a serious deficiency in their sex education, a gap they fill by watching pornography, with a horde of misconceptions as a result. According to Goedele Liekens, Secondary Education should include a much broader sexual education than what we have now.

Anyway, ‘Sex in Class’ had a successful year and BBC would like to make a follow up and also other countries, like Ireland, are interested in working with her.

What’s her secret? Just tell things straight like it is: “no-nonsense and honest approach”, “lively and unabashed, should be shown in every class in the country”, “A brilliant woman on a mission to counterbalance porn”.
When you read the comments you’ll see that some are also surprised on the fact that sexual education is given in Belgium to kids starting from the age of 8.
I Remember that my niece and nephew were also that age when they asked me the thing. When I had to explain not to be able to love a woman like mama’s and papa’s do. That I can love a guy like other man can love a woman. But that that doesn’t make babies. What stroke me was how they reacted on this. “Ow? Ok, now we understand, quite normal”. Way back in the nineties?! But yes, they were kids. And if you simply tell them the way it is, they will understand it, the way it is, … all quite normal,

And that’s perhaps just normal.

Have a nice day