Three people stabbed by woman in Uccle


Three people have been wounded following a knife attack in the Brussels municipality of Uccle. The incident took place at around 4:30pm on Monday afternoon as a results of an argument on a STIB bus. 2 passengers on the bus were injured by the woman and a third was attacked outside a nearby fast food outlet as the woman fled from the bus.
The severity of the injuries is not yet known although none of the 3 victims are thought to be a life threatening condition. The attacker was subsequently wounded after being shot by police attending the scene. She remains in hospital where police say it is still “too early” to question her. A spokesman for the public prosecutor said that the woman failed to follow police instructions.
The incident is not being treated as a terrorist activity as it is thought the the woman has a history of mental illness, with one witness saying that the woman acted in a “confused fashion”. Local officials have not as of yet provided any information about the attacker or a possible motive