Brussels Airport to use camera “shield” to monitor access roads

Brussels airport is to use a “shield” of cameras to monitor all access roads leading to and from the terminal buildings. Security at the airport has been increased significantly since the attacks on the 22nd March in which close to 20 people were killed and dozens more were left injured.

The latest measures were announced by the office of Belgian interior minister Jan Jambon, who has approved the scheme as a way to reduce the workload of staff whilst maintaining tight security. The new system will be able to automatically read number plates as vehicles pass the cameras and will trigger and alarm if a suspicious vehicle is spotted.

Olivier Van Raemdonck, a spokesperson for the interior ministry said that the cameras will be ready “in the coming days” and added that “Officers will conduct additional inspections only in specific cases. A rapid response team will always be on stand-by.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons