Armed man shot by Police in Gent

Police in Gent have shot a man on one of the city’s streets after he failed to respond to calls to release his own weapon.

Witnesses at the scene described how an armed man appeared from a side street bordering Vlaanderenstraat, shortly before 7pm on Monday evening. Police responded to several calls about the man and were on the scene shortly after. He was ordered on several occasions to put down his weapon, after he refused he was shot by the attending officers.

A spokesperson for Gent Police has said that the event was probably “not linked to terrorist motives”, and that no further details will be given whilst the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The man was taken to hospital and is thought to be in a serious condition. Judicial Authorities and a specialist Federal Police team attended the scene of the shooting and a police physician and a weapons specialist have also be assigned to the investigation.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons