Brussels road tunnels to be equipped with “FM Break In” technology

Road tunnels around the city of Brussels are to be equipped with “FM Break In” technology by the end of the year. The system will allow Mobile Brussels to broadcast messages direct to the in car stereo in the event of an emergency.

The message would break in to the radio programme that a motorist is listening to and provide information and a warning about any potentially dangerous situations such as fires, with the message being broadcast in both French and Dutch, the 2 official languages of the city.

The existing radio re-broadcast system, operated by Mobile Brussels, would be used for the emergency message, to ensure that motorists using the tunnels would be informed of any impending problems in real time. The system will only work if motorists have their radio switched on when the message is broadcast.

Speaking with VRT, Inge Paemen from Mobile Brussels said “This is a first step towards improving the way in which we keep the public informed”


Photo: Wikimedia Commons