King Philippe visits Charleroi victims whilst police show solidarity with colleagues

King Philippe has visited the victims of last Saturdays machete attacks in Charleroi. He attended the Grand Charleroi Hospital to to speak with the injured police officers before also visiting the scene of the attack at the local police station, where he was expected to meet officials and police officers who were on duty when the attack occurred.

More than 250 police officers had earlier gathered at the foot of the Charleroi Police tower in a show of solidarity with the colleagues, many holding placard with “je suis Charleroi” written on them. Police officers from several surrounding regions joined together with local police to show their support. A minutes silence was also observed.

It has been reported by Het Laatste Nieuws that Khaled Babouri, the man responsible for the attack, had been staying illegally in Belgium for the past eight years. Babouri was shot by police following the machete attack and later died from his injuries. The man reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the assault and the Islamic State group has said that he was one of its “soldiers”.

An inquiry into Saturday’s attack in Charleroi is ongoing.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons