Record passenger numbers at Brussels Airport

Brussels airport is expecting the busiest weekend in it’s history as over a quarter of a million passengers are set to pass through the doors this weekend.

Friday 29th July will be a record setting day with over 90,000 passengers either departing or arriving back in Belgium on what is classed as the major transitional weekend of the summer. Almost half of that figure will be jetting off on holiday whilst the remainder will be returning from their summer break.

For those leaving the country via the airport, Spain and the Canary islands remain the most popular destinations, with other Southern European destinations becoming increasingly popular such as Italy, Greece, Portugal, and the south of France. Around 13% of all passengers at Brussels Airport are travelling directly to a destination outside Europe. The most popular destinations are North America, followed closely by Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and, finally, Latin America.

The airport has only recent returned to full operational status following the terrorist attacks earlier this year. That, teamed with a wet start to the Belgian summer has triggered a boost in last minute deals with some travellers only booking their trip just days before they are due to fly.

Source: Brussels Airport
Picture: Wikimedia Commons