SNCB bans drivers from using electronic devices

An increase in the number of trains running a red light has led to the Belgian national rail company, SNCB, placing a blanket ban on drivers using electronic devices.

Figures quoted by Mediahuis say that 92 trains failed to stop at a red light last year, up from 66 occurrences in 2014. Directors of the rail group were quick to note that this increase coincides with the increase in the popularity of smart phones and tablets.

In a memo to its 3800 drivers, SNCB stated that being “distracted” is the biggest cause of the signal breaches and added that “multimedia technologies” were most likely the cause. As a consequence the company felt that it had no option but to strengthen current guidelines and demand that electronic devices be switched off and kept out sight. A blanket ban on the use of GSM devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players and games consoles has been put in force with immediate effect.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons