Flanders Red Cross in urgent blood appeal

The Red Cross of Flanders has issued an appeal for blood donors to come forward as they battle a blood shortage in the region. News of the shortage coincides with a large number of regular donors being away on their summer break. The organisation is hoping to enrol new donors to fill the void.

Blood types AB negative and B negative are in lowest supply and Red Cross spokeswoman, Ann Luyten, said “The situation is critical” and added that “Our present stocks only allow us to continue for a couple of days. We are encouraging people with these blood groups in particular to come and donate blood.”

Blood platelets, often used in the treatment of cancer, are also in high demand with the Red Cross issuing an extra appeal to top up dwindling reserves.

If you would like to donate blood to the Flanders Red Cross then you are being urged to contact them on 01 544 33 22 or alternatively get in touch via their website at www.rodekruis.be



Photo: Wikimedia Commons