Football hooliganism on the rise in Belgium

On Tuesday, the subject of football-related violence and antisocial behaviour was brought to the Chamber of Representatives for debate. The rise of such behaviour was acknowledged.

Director of the debate, Cathy Van den Berghe, cited a “surge in numbers” relating to football-associated misbehaviour, with around 1500 official complaints of incivility having been made, and 1330 fines issued worth approximately 495,000 euros in total. The fines, of which constitute to 9600 months’ worth of stadium bans, have been handed to an estimated 700 to 800 people.

These figures have been on the rise since 2013, however, the rise of out-and-out hooliganism is not fully to blame. It’s reported that there’s also been an increase in contemptuous behaviour from the average football fan, in acts such as spitting, launching insults and “giving the finger.”