Villo bike usage falls

The popularity of Villo’s bike-sharing service in Brussels has declined, according to a study conducted by Bruzz.

Usage of Villo bikes fell by 10% in the capital in 2015 – that’s approximately 150,000 journeys less than the year before – yet 21 more bike stations are soon to be installed.

There are around 37,000 subscribers in Brussels altogether, with approximately 4,100 Villo journeys being made per day. That totalled up to almost 1.5 million rides in 2015- about 150,000 journeys less than in 2014.

Between 2011 and 2014, Villo’s growth in Brussels was sluggish up to the point of stagnation, which subsequently led to a loss in subscriptions thereafter, going from 87,439 to 72,000.

Nevertheless, 2016 promises to be a brighter year for Villo, with the amount of subscriptions in 2016 having doubled. The company is even considering adding electric-powered bikes to its roster.