Cars set on fire in Saint-Gilles

Eight cars have been set on fire in the Brussels municipality of Saint Gilles. The fires were started late on Wednesday evening but it remains unclear who started the fires and why. Judicial authorities have confirmed that nobody was hurt as a result of the blaze and that there were no clues to suggest that the incident was terrorist related.

Brussels Fire Service attended the blaze on Avenue Adolphe Demeur, a short distance away from Parc de Forest, and had brought the blaze under control by around 1:30am on Thursday morning. The vehicles were then removed from the street at around 3am. Marie Verbeke, a spokesperson for Brussels Police said that “It’s a criminal act, which has nothing to do with terrorism” and also added that early signs from the investigation point towards arson.

The news began trending in Belgium on social media with several reports of explosions being heard. However a spokesperson for the fire service said that those reports could not be confirmed and that it was possible that any explosions that were heard could have been as a result of flammable materials in the car.

Photo: Frederik François