Brussels chief prosecutor calls for specialist terror unit

The Brussels chief public prosecutor has called for a police department entirely dedicated to fighting terrorism to be set up.

Jean-Marc Meilleur says that ordinary police work is having to be sidelined in order for officers to concentrate on the ongoing terror investigations across Belgium. He has called for a “central police department” with sufficient resources to be created, allowing regular police patrols to get back on to the streets of their districts and to continue with what he Mr Meilleur described as the “basic tasks” of policing.

“Federal judicial police in Brussels are charged with investigating the big terrorism dossiers. This has been the case for years, even more so during the past few months and this is eating into police work in Brussels” said Mr Meilleur.

In response to this, the Belgian home affairs and justice ministry have said that they will wait for the recommendations of the parliamentary commission inquiry into the Brussels attacks before taking any decision on this matter.

Photo: Creative Commons – Matthew Kenwrick