Paul Bird – The Hunt

If an economic and environmental crisis took place in the world at the same time, what would your idea of future look like?
In “The Hunt”, Paul Bird’s first novel for young adults, 16yr old Nim and his parents, Cush and Samir, try, every day, to live a fulfilling life in a world after the Very Big Crash. Nim is addicted to a game called The Hunt which he plays on multiple screens in his room for days on end. His parents become more and more concerned for their son’s health which takes its toll on their relationship. Every day the roof opens and the Bug takes Cush to his job as a detective in the Krawczyk building, taking him away from his mocky Tudor house on an estate in the lower suburbs that is under constant threat of attack from the feral gangs of Europeans and estate bombers. To relieve the stress of worrying about her son, Nim’s mother Samir often takes to the pit, whose walls are lined with books, so she can indulge in the activity of reading, an activity that has long been forgotten in the post Very Big Crash world.
To find out where all these ideas came from, Noreen Donovan spoke to the author, Paul Bird, and discovered that while “The Hunt” is aimed at young adults it can also be read and enjoyed by adults of any age and that those readers familiar with art, literature, politics and the bible will have a field day making connections between their knowledge and the themes that appear in the book.
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