A Belgian Eye – Episode 113

Our resident Belgian Philippe Persoons takes a look at life through A Belgian Eye.

This week we have 3 black sheep but luckily there are no problems with Turtles

What do Liesbeth Homans, Yvan Mayeur and Annemie Turtelboom have in common?

They don’t share the same language, the same gender, or the same party, but still, … they do have something in common, all three of them.

Each one is this week’s black sheep in the flock, in the party.

Let’s start with the last one: what was first, the Turteltax or Mrs. Turtelboom? I can help you out, it was Mrs. Turtelboom. She’s a minister for the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats, the ‘entrepreneur party’ of this country, and she was the one who invented the Turteltax. Or let’s say people gave the tax her name. So the turteltax is not about turtles. We have enough problems in this country and we don’t need any turtle issues, no, the Turteltax is a tax for each family to repay debt, which arose by awarding grants for solar panels in the past. Mrs. Turtelboom claims this tax is necessary, but meanwhile she has enough money for a gift to Enjie-Electrabel for keeping their unnecessary dilapidated nuclear plants going. The party that opposes against taxes has a minister to who a new tax was named. Il faut le faire. Her party is not happy about things, it hasn’t reached the surface yet, officially she still has all support from her party.

Then we have Yvan Mayeur, the Brussels Socialist mayor, you know, the one who called hard-core football fans from Liege, Anderlecht and Bruges, protesting against the attacks in Brussels, ‘Flemish Fascist troupes’, that should have been chased by the police. A bit later he reproached that same police force of having been to strict on other protesters. Now he makes himself un popular with his new pedestrian zone. Last week he was refused in a restaurant because the owner was furious about it. Some ask for adaptations but Mayeur does not want to listen. This leads to a new campaign from the bars and the shops with posters on the window, showing a clear message to Yvan Mayeur: “Not elected, not welcome”.

And last but not least we have Liesbeth Homans. This Saturday night, the Flemish Minister Liesbeth Homans was invited on the ‘Night of the Television stars of the Flemish television. It ought to be an amusing spectacle in which the minister had to hand over an award, but as soon as she got on stage she was interrupted several times by the show host Luc Alloo.

Now, … Even if that host would appear to be a socialist, even then an experienced politician and certainly a minister should be able to deal with this. Homans couldn’t. Was she tired? I don’t know. The duel between host and minister ended up in some amusing confused arguing between both. Don’t be confused on Tv when you are in politics. And certainly don’t try this when you are a woman. ‘She was drunk’ according to social media and that message was taken over by the national press. We have known Michel Dardenne stumbling stuttering in parliament explaining the reforms in social security some years ago. That was funny, but then again he was a man. When a woman does this …. Naaaaa!! Now we are wondering what her party will do, what Bart De Wever will tell her.

Liesbeth Homans, Yvan Mayeur and Annemie Turtelboom, allow me to grant them the award for being this week’s most unfortunate. Let them come together somewhere in a pub that they still can enter, let them have a drink but not too much and let no one mourn about the turtles. no longer.