Sunshine, Chocolate & Coffee

Sunshine… where for art thou?

At long last, despite the sub-zero overnight temperatures we’re seeing some longer periods of sunshine during the day, and doesn’t it make you feel happy. It really does… we just hope you deliver us a long lovely summer this year. We all need you oh glowing ball of fire up there in the sky.

So, back down to earth, and chocolates are done with and out of the way – well, for Easter at least… you can’t expect anyone in Belgium to NOT divulge in a few naughty chocolate treats now and again can you. How was your Easter?

For the team at Radio X, we’ve got a some outdoor events to take part in which we’re hoping will be blessed with the rays of sunshine we’ve been seeing over the last few days (at time of writing – who knows, it might have changed by the time you’re reading this!)… we’re looking forward to getting our outside broadcast unit on the road and rolling up to some rather cool events this Spring and Summer across the city.

Ian Beddow, our intrepid X for Breakfast show host opted to take himself off to the UK for Easter, and therefore has meant we’ve all had a shuffle about in the office trying to cover his uber-busy breakfast show… We sent him away with two specific instructions: 1. Come back. 2. Bring some ‘rock’ back.

Now, for those who are not British, ‘rock’ is not on this occasion just stone and grit you pick up from the ground. It’s basically a sugar candy in a long thing cylindrical shape and often when looked at as a cross-section, it will say something like the name of the place you were staying – this being the most common. It tastes of nothing, it’s pretty gross actually, and yet it’s a British tradition – “holiday rock”, a pink and white striped slim hard candy sugary cane… only available from the most ‘tasteful’ of holiday resorts in the UK!!!

Lee Middleton – one of the senior team here at Radio X is also feeling a happy bunny (see how we got that in there, bunny – easter… Sometimes we don’t know how we do it for the money)… Anyway, Lee asked the boss if we could inject more caffeine into the coffee fund with some super strength coffee shots… and, this last week the boxes of ground bean goodness arrived with a bow on…. but also with a health warning – “drink with a water-chaser”… If you hear Lee speaking several languages at once on air, you’ll know he’s popped a coffee pod and ingested it and it has seemingly taken effect!

What else is happening behind the scenes at Radio X? Well, we’re expanding with new studios, and we’d be delighted to show you around when they’re finished… Just some small production studios downtown in the centre of Brussels – feel free to drop on by… watch this space then, or, better still, listen to Radio X.

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