Xtra Fresh – City Saints

City Saints have been playing music together since the beginning of 2015. There are five members in the group; Ed Blackmon, Drew MacDonald, Lucas Manning, Jason Nederhood and Reichert Zalameda. After meeting at Bible college in Chicago, the five began making music together, slowly working to create a small portfolio of original songs. The World Falls In EP is the product of those efforts.Talking about the songs on the EP, the band say “We’re all chasing after something better. That’s what these songs are about; holding on to truth and pushing for the other side where our hope really rests”.

We’ve chosen the song “Not Just In My Head” as this weeks Xtra Fresh track, the question as always is should we play it on Radio X? Take a listen to the song in the player below and then place your VOTE HERE.

You have until Friday at midnight to tell us what you think and we will announce the results on Weekend Brunch this Saturday