A Belgian Eye – Episode 106

Our resident Belgian Philippe Persoons takes a look at life through a Belgian Eye.

Pigs in Space? No we are talking Pigs in China

Pigs in Space!! Do you remember miss Piggy in the Muppet Show? Well, we Belgians can now shout “Pigs in Chinaaaa!” and they ‘re Belgian. Not all of course, but we increased our export to China this week.

Noordvlees Van Gool one of Belgians most important pig slaughter companies has just seen the delivery of a highly important export certificate. From this week on this slaughterhouse from Kalmthout, will be the second Belgian company shipping pig heads and meat to the Peoples republic of China.

And why would we do this? Well the Belgian pig industry is feeling the pinch. There are way too much Mss Piggy’s and Mr Pigs in this country. And not only in this country but also in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain. Which means that there is a big ‘pig’ or pork crisis in Europe. We all simply produce too much pork and we eat less pork. We produce too much because we invested in it. We improved methods, stables, production. And we eat less. Well, Jews don’t eat pork, but there are also more Muslims in Europe and they don’t eat pork either. And your girl next door neighbour, she became a vegetarian. Bye, bye, piggy!

But then again, Europe’s pig crisis does not need to be, the solution is quite obvious. Just go Chinese and you ‘ll know enough: spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce, garlic or spicy sauce, pork with mixed vegetables, pork with curry, noodles with pork, pork with black bean sauce, pork with scented vegetables, pork with spicy sauce …. In short, one third of the menu of your Chinese restaurant is pork. Chinese are the Kings of Pork and there are way enough Chinese customers waiting to help us out with our pigs.

The importance of the Chinese market can highly be overestimated. Half of all the pig population ends in China. Last year, pork imports were up 38%. Because the Chinese population grows and because Chinese wealth increases. There are 1.3 billion Chinese and half a billion Europeans, but still, the Chinese get 3 quarter of their pig import

from the European Union.

Pigs, not yet in Space, but still in China. Lots of them are European and from now on a great number of them will be Belgian as well.

Think about our pigs when you go to your Chinese next door.

Bonne appetite, and have a nice day!