Xtra Fresh – Samecity

Dan, a fresh faced, goofy, video-gaming, 18 year old. Justin, a confident, silly, 19 year old, prankster. And Hannah, an adventurous, loud, and sometimes naive 18 year old chocoholic.  It all started at a small school in Houghton, New York and through a series of different bands, competitions and a shared passion for music, they finally realized they should combine their talents and form the band that is now known as Samecity.

Before graduating, the band decided to take a giant leap of faith and move to Nashville, the music capital of the world and are now making waves with their new EP scheduled for release in March.

After months on the road, Samecity takes their new found artistry and channel it into a fun, upbeat, and catchy new single. Wildfire, a step into the unknown world of pop rock for the group but none the less we have chosen it as this weeks Xtra Fresh and we ask you is it good enough for us to play on Radio X?

Take a listen to the song in the player below and then place your VOTE HERE. You have until midnight on Friday 26th February to cast your vote and the results will be announced on next Saturdays Weekend Brunch